Kongsberg Maritime is a leader in marine technology worldwide. They have an extensive collection of innovative and integrated products and solutions that deliver efficiency, reliability, flexibility and environmental sustainability.

High Resolution 1171 Sonar Heads

The 1171 Sonar heads have an operating depth of 650m to 11,000m and use RS485/RS232 telemetry. Some of the benefits include:

  • Narrower horizontal beam pattern and smaller angular resolution for superior image quality
  • Tunable frequency transducers
  • Exposed transducer to eliminate acoustic lensing
  • Increased power output for better signal to noise ratios
  • Simultaneous multiple scanning sonar head and altimeter operation and sensor configurations
  • Time tagged recording of all sonar and sensor inputs to the PC’s hard drive or external recording device
  • Advanced target measurement and annotation tools
  • Track Plotter module allowing the user to pre-plot search and survey lines and to geo-reference sonar targets
  • Ping synchronization for multiple-head operation
  • Post-processing capability for profile data
  • Data mosaicking
Sonar Imaging

Domed Scanning Sonar

The domed scanning sonar is a patented acoustic lens that maintains beam focus through operational temperature and depth changes. This significantly improves sonar performance and results in images that are much sharper. Applications include:

  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Pipeline Survey
  • Target Detection
  • Underwater Construction Support

To learn more about the domed scanning sonar, take a look at the Low-Cost Search & Recovery Scanning Sonar System application note.

Domed Scanning Sonar

Sonar Processing Software – MS1000

There are two editions of MS1000 software, the Express Edition and the Standard Edition. The Express Edition provides basic functions for the Company’s sonar heads and does not require a security key for operation. The Standard Edition of MS1000 software is for customers requiring increased functionality. This version has many advanced features for data interpretation that are beneficial to various underwater applications. Some of the features include:

  • 3D profiling possible with rotating device
  • Track Platter module allows users to plot scanned area, geo-referenced targets and create GeoTIFFs
  • Target tracking
  • Simultaneous multi-head operation
  • Supports local coordinate system for different countries and territories

To learn more, take a look at the MS1000 processing software data sheet.

Underwater Altimeters – 1107 Series

The 1107 Underwater Altimeter Series is primarily used to measure the altitude of an object above the seafloor. They are also suited to various other applications including positioning, berthing, and below surface monitoring. The underwater vehicle industry is the primary user of altimeters. Key features include:

  • Robust design
  • Easily configure analog/digital outputs
  • Operating depth of 3,000m, 4,000m, 6,000m and 11,000m
  • Range of models and frequencies available to suit different specifications
Underwater Altimeter

M3 Portable Hydrographic System & Forward Looking Sensor

The innovative design of the M3 Sonar® uses two sets of complementary transducers which allow it to generate both imaging and bathymetric data with the same head. Unique to the M3 Sonar® is the patented eIQ (enhanced image quality) mode of operation that generates multibeam images with unprecedented clarity. Features include:

  • Up to 4000m water depth
  • Portable, cost effective, and lightweight sonar
  • Generates imaging and bathymetric datasets from one sonar head
  • Produces single beam image quality with the speed of multibeam
  • Provides GeoTIFF output and creates real-time mosaic using third party software
  • Compliant to IHO Special Order & 1A
  • Uses linear FM, CW, and Doppler pulses

To learn more, take a look at the M3 Sonar Datasheet.

Multibeam Sonar – Flexview

Delivering superior image quality and coverage, the Flexview multibeam sonar provides high-quality distortion-free images over a 140° sector, reducing the time it takes to search for and locate targets. The Flexview’s removable transducer is the first of its kind, offering field replacement of a damaged transducer in the unlikely event of a catastrophic impact. It also allows for potential new transducer configurations to be exchanged in the future, depending on the job being performed.

Multibeam Sonar

Dual Axis Scanning Sonar

The Dual-Axis Sonar (DAS) is a profiling system designed for long-term seabed or structure monitoring. This scanning sonar works with both the MS1000 software program or in “standalone mode” where the data is logged in the head and transmitted to shore via cable or wireless telemetry. Applications include:

  • Offshore wind turbine scour detection
  • Underwater bridge substructure and dock inspections
  • Dam and water intake surveys

To learn more, take a look at the Dual Axis Scanning Sonar brochure.

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