Imenco is a group of companies that work in several business sectors, but their five main areas include offshore oil & gas, offshore renewables, aquaculture, marine & naval, and industrial.

Subsea Camera and Lights

Imenco US Camera Sales Office leads the market in the supply of underwater and marine imaging solutions. They offer a high level of expertise and the broadest range of products and systems available on the global market.


OE14 – 504 High-Definition Wide Angle Color Zoom Camera

The OE14-504 is a high-definition underwater camera designed to be used for all general purpose ROV inspection tasks. The video output of this camera is available as both Component (Y, Pb, Pr) and HD-SDI on coax or fiber connectors (single or multi-mode). If high definition is not required for your task, you can easily switch to a high-resolution composite video output by using the IR remote control (RC) or by GUI. The domed water compensation port and optical zoom provides a close-up inspection capability combined with the flexibility of a 10x magnification.


OE15 – 100E / 101E High Resolution Enhanced Monochrome CCD Camera

The Imenco Camera Sales US OE15-100E (CCIR) and OE15-101E (EIA RS170A) standard definition, high resolution monochrome cameras have been designed primarily for use in subsea environments and are ideally suited to midwater navigation tasks and general observation including:

  • Manipulator and tooling tasks
  • Construction and drill support applications

Both of these cameras offer great low light sensitivity and a wide, 97° AOV. With water corrected optical arrangement that minimizes distortions and aberrations, the OE15-100E and OE15-101E cameras are an excellent choice for both navigation and general observation applications.


OE14-222 / 223 Color Pan and Tilt Zoom (Patz) Camera

The OE14-222 and OE14-223 cameras provide a completely closed pan, tilt and zoom functionality. These cameras have been upgraded using the latest technology and are now even more robust to increase the lens angular movement and have integral LED lighting as standard. Both of these cameras can be used in restricted spaces as well as in a multi-role environment when a camera is required for multiple tasks. They also include a powerful 10x zoom for close up inspection and long-range viewing.

The OE14-222 and OE14-223 cameras use the latest EXview HADTM and DSP technology which offer excellent light sensitivity and image definition. Using the GUI that is provided, you can control the iris, switch the LED lighting on or off, and give the camera an ID number together with the ability to display the time and date.

Subsea Camera

OE11 – 135 Underwater Lamp and OE11 – 136 Miniature Underwater Lamp

The OE11-135 and OE11-136 Underwater Lamp is a compact high-power lamp specifically designed for diver and ROV deployment applications with a high efficiency reflector to give maximum light output. The lamp is fitted with a 115V, 300-Watt high efficiency halogen bulb and produces a broad, even beam of white light which is ideal for the demanding requirements of color underwater video tasks.

Underwater Camera and Lighting Product Application Guide

Subsea lights

Naval & Marine CCTV Systems

With 40 years of design and integration experience, Imenco CCTV Systems US Sales leads the industry in the supply of harsh environment CCTV systems. Their capabilities include:

  • System design
  • Manufacture
  • Test and qualification

 External Compact Naval PTZ Camera

Imenco’s External Compact Naval PTZ Camera is an ultra-rugged naval 3MP IP color Pan that includes:

  • Tilt and zoom capabilities
  • Integrated pedestal assembly
  • Local junction box
  • Interface cable assembly

This camera is ideally suited for both external monitoring and situational awareness above decks on naval ships as well as for flight deck surveillance. The camera is designed using the latest technology in intelligent imaging and video streaming. Some features include:

  • Advanced 1/2.8” STARVIS CMOS sensor with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Exceptional low light performance
  • 3 video streams up to 3MP resolution at 30fps
  • Choice of H.265, H.264 and MJPEG compression formats
  • Seamless integration with Video Management Software (VMS)
  • 30x optical zoom
  • 16x digital zoom

The camera has been qualified to meet the stringent US Navy requirements of MIL-S-901E ‘Hammer’ shock test, MIL-S-167-1A ship vibration, MIL-S-810G environmental & MIL-S-461G EMI for surface ships.

Naval PTZ Camera

Rugged Marine Fixed Thermal Camera

Imenco’s 0534-6105 is an ultra-rugged naval marine IP high-resolution thermal camera. This camera has a thermalized Long Wave Infra-Red (LWIR) lens. This camera is ideally suited for both thermal and night vision observation purposes in ship engineering spaces and above deck locations. The camera offers excellent viewing resolutions of 640 x 480 at 30fps.

Marine Fixed Thermal Camera

Hoss Allss PTZ Ultra Low Light Camera

Imenco’s 0465-6002 HOSS ALLSS PTZ ultra low light camera makes up the core of the Imenco Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (HOSS). HOSS has built a respected reputation in providing the bridge with real rime critical monitoring of the flight deck, even in very low light conditions on board naval surface ships. This is an ultra-low light camera and has been extensively proven in US Navy service as part of the Amphib Low Light Surveillance System (ALLSS). This camera is typically installed above decks overlooking the Helideck or flight deck.

External Marine Fixed Camera – 360 Degree Panoramic

Imenco’s 0482-6050 external marine camera is extremely versatile and allows for comprehensive viewing with its 360-degree imaging technology, which offers total situational awareness. The benefits of this camera include:

  • Wider area of coverage with no blind spots
  • Full live and retrospective de-warping
  • 10x digital zoom
  • No moving parts/silent operation
  • Camera cannot be left looking in the wrong direction
360 Degree Panoramic

Internal PTZ Dome Camera

Imenco’s 0482-6025 below deck CCTV camera is rugged and easy to install on maritime vessels. This camera offers a highly robust, feature-rich, speed dome solution for extreme environment applications such as:

  • Engine rooms
  • Workshops
  • Machinery spaces

Check out the full guide to CCTV Systems

Digital IP Vessel CCTV Systems

Imenco’s Marine CCTV system is a ruggedized digital IP CCTV system that is recommended for marine and naval vessels. This system is recommended for vessels that require:

  • Commercial off the shelf surveillance monitoring
  • Control and recording
  • Marine CCTV system

This system is designed to meet the safety, security and reliability requirements for a wide variety of commercial and naval support vessels. The Marine CCTV system design allows for flexible configuration of operator stations together with a wide choice of camera designs to suit all top-deck, below-deck and subsea monitoring applications. Some of the benefits include:

  • Powerful and flexible Video Management Software
  • Integration with other Vessel Management Systems
  • Web and mobile client options to allow remote land-based transmission of data, control and diagnostics
  • Customizable with a wide range of options
  • Global sales and local customer support through Imenco offices worldwide

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