Since 1978, GeoAcoustics has been manufacturing high end sonar equipment for side scan, bathymetry and sub-bottom profiling applications.

Side-Scan Sonar – Pulsar

Pulsar Side-Scan Sonar acquires high resolution acoustic images of the seabed. The pulsar is easily operated using the water protected deck unitand a small cable hand reel. A portable electric winch is also an available option. Some of the key features include:

  • Portable and rugged towfish
  • Easy deployment and intuitive operation
  • Compact and water protected deck unit
  • Frequency of 550 kHz – 1000 kHz
  • Wide bandwidth FM and CW pulses
  • Integrated GPS module
  • Tow cable on hand reel and deck cable
  • Dedicated acquisition and processing software
Subsea Camera

Geoswath4 Multibeam Echosounder

The GeoSwath 4 and GeoSwath 4R provides efficient and simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan seabed mapping. The accuracy of the Geoswath 4 has been shown to exceed the IHO standards for hydrographic surveys. Some of the key features include:

  • Ultra high resolution swath bathymetry
  • Co-registered geo-referenced side scan
  • Frequency versions: 125, 250, 500 kHz
  • Up to 12 times water depth coverage
  • 240 degree view angle
  • Dual transducer set up with versatile mounting options
  • Full software solution included

Sub Bottom Profiler – GeoPulse

The GeoPulse is the industry standard sub-bottom profiler system in the survey community. Additionally, the GeoPulse Pipeliner offers a solution to the problem of detecting buried pipelines. The GeoPulse has established itself as a market leader due to it’s reliability, ruggedness, ease of operation and flexibility. Some of the key features include:

  • Selectable transmit frequency of 2-12 kHz
  • Over the side, towed, or hull mounted deployment
  • Reliable, proven, and easy to use

Sub Bottom Profiler – GeoPulse

The GeoPulse compact and GeoPulse Compact (Towed) is a high performance digital sub-bottom profiler. The user can choose waveforms in the frequency band of 2-18kHz, which allows the optimization of resolution and sub-seafloor penetration. Some of the key features include:

  • Only 11% of the power requirements of previous systems
  • Low noise
  • Massive oversampling of the RAW signals (800kHz)
  • Advanced FPGA based decimation and processing
  • Over 100db of noise free dynamic range

GeoRGE Diagnostic Kit

The GeoRGE Diagnostic Kit was developed to simplify the process of fault finding. This kit helps determine whether a fault lies within the GeoSwath deck unit, the transducer cables, or the transducers themselves. The kit can be used with:

  • GeoSwath plus deck unit
  • GeoSwath plus compact
  • GeoSwath plus ROV
  • All transducer cables

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