As someone who is in charge of conducting deep-sea tasks, you need equipment that is powerful, rugged, and reliable. For over 30 years, Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. has been a leader in the marine technology industry. Deep Ocean offers robotic solutions for underwater applications in harsh environments. All of their remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are meticulously tested to ensure quality and excellence. In addition to this, they have been a recipient of the Marine Technology Society’s Compass Award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of the Science and Engineering of Oceanography and Marine Technology”.

Product Applications

  • Nuclear
    • Designed to support nuclear clients during scheduled outages
    • Vehicles: Phantom P-150 and Phantom FireFly
  • Law Enforcement
    • Underwater evidence recovery
    • Save time by surveying large bodies of water
    • Vehicle: Phantom T5
  • Military/Homeland Security
    • Quickly inspect harbors and ports for safety hazards
    • Locate limpet mines, identify unexploded ordinance, and mine detonation
    • Vehicles: Phantom T5, Phantom L6, Phantom S5, and Phantom I-1650
  • Science
    • Species abundance surveys at 1000m deep
    • Classify habitat conditions within the littoral zone
    • Vehicles: Phantom T5, Phantom L6, and Phantom S5
  • Municipalities
    • Used for maintenance of equipment, water delivery, and water quality testing
    • Able to produce a moveable 3D multibeam scan
    • ADCP survey of high current river
    • Vehicles: Phantom T5, Phantom L6, and Phantom I-1650
  • Surveying
    • Sonar, video graphics, current profiles, bathymetry, and more
    • Vehicles: Phantom T5, Phantom L6, Phantom I-1650
  • Oil and Gas
    • Accomplish simple video inspections
    • Conduct 3D multibeam scans
    • Save time and money for small ships
    • Vehicles: Phantom T5, Phantom L5, and Phantom S5
  • Cinematography
    • Capture footage of shipwreck for movies and documentaries
    • Vehicles: Phantom T5, Phantom L5, Phantom S5, Phantom I-1650

Phantom X-Series

The Phantom X-Series is an electric underwater vehicle built for maneuverability and power. This machine provides control in any direction, even in the strongest currents. With an aluminum chassis that can support heavier payloads and allow for a variety of sensors and upgrades, the Phantom X-Series can handle many underwater tasks in any condition.

    Phantom T-Series

    The Phantom T-Series is an ROV system that provides more power and versatility than other similar vehicles. This vehicle provides an abundant propulsive force to maneuver aggressively in all directions. The Phantom T-Series can be customized with three, four, or five thrusters depending on your application.

    Phantom L-Series

    The Phantom L-Series is designed with four vectored horizontal and two vertical Tecnadyne thrusters that provide increased control and propulsion in strong current. This vehicle’s applications range from military and law enforcement to Hollywood cinematography.

    Phantom T5 Defender

    The Phantom T5 defender is an underwater vehicle that is designed for law enforcement. It is equipped with an electrically initiated Disrupter that can be used to break up underwater obstructions.

      Phantom S-Series

      The Phantom S-Series is a highly portable vehicle that his powerful and rugged. This vehicle provides aggressive lift capabilities at depths up 1,000m. The Phantom S-Series is very versatile and can be used for a wide spectrum of applications and in harsh conditions.

      Phantom FireFly

      The Phantom FireFly is a small and portable system for reaching the bottom of a vessel via stub tube or a removed fuel bundle. This system is hardwired for easy integration with accessories and has no electronics in the sub-unit, which ensures it will still be reliable in high radiation areas.

      Phantom H-1750

      The Phantom H-1750 is designed to conduct measurements of currents, bathymetry, discharge and surveys. This vehicle is battery powered and controlled remotely, resulting in a catamaran-style unmanned surface vessel.

      Phantom P-150

      The Phantom P-150 is built for PWR visual exams. This can be used to exam staged reactor equipment, NDT support, FME identification/retrieval, and many other outage exams. This is designed for the nuclear industry and has no electronics in the subunit to ensure reliability in high radiation areas.

      Phantom I-1650

      The Phantom I-650 is a battery-operated, remote-control boat that is used to conduct measurements of currents, bathymetry and discharge with Acoustic Doppler Current Profiles (ASCPs). This boat is portable, easy to deploy, and supports a remote-control range of up to 2km.

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