Data Physics supplies high performance solutions in signal processing for the noise and vibration community. Data Physics has a full line of electrodynamic shakers to complement its vibration controllers and dynamic signal analyzers. With experience dating back to 1984, they have a proven track record as a total solution supplier for vibration applications.

E-D Shakers, Head Expanders & Slip Tables

Signal Force


Air Cooled Shakers

The Data Physics air cooled shakers include many shaker models with axial guidance bearings ranging from 2 inches (50mm displacement) to our largest air-cooled model which offers 2.5 inches (63.5mm) of continuous displacement. All cooling blowers include noise reduction silencers and all models feature high levels of efficiency.

Data Physics’ range of small shakers are used all over the world. Applications include medical research, electronic component testing, material analysis, automotive component testing, and actuator applications for antenna positioning using low axial stiffness special suspension units.

Inertial Shakers

When large structures need to be tested, inertial shakers provide the ideal solution. When the payload cannot be mounted on the shaker, Data Physics can provide a shaker that can be mounted on the payload. Inertial shakers are fully enclosed and permanent magnet shakers can be mounted onto structures at any angle. Inertial shakers have found applications testing car chassis, building structures, helicopters, submarines, geophysical surveys, and vibration cancellation systems.

Modal Shakers

Modal shakers offer almost zero axial stiffness while offering high radial stiffness for stability. This is made possible through the use of linear guidance bearings. Data Physics has a total of 6 models of modal shakers with 10 variants. Various applications have been implemented for the testing of airframes, space lab structures, automotive chassis, and road surfacing materials.

Water Cooled Shakers

Data Physics water cooled shakers utilize dual hydrostatic bearings that are incorporated in the shaker design and payloads with high overturning moments that can be tested without the need for external guidance systems. Water cooled shakers cover the force range of 18000 Ibf (80 kN) to 50000Ibf (222 kN). These shakers all produce 3” (76.2 mm) of displacement. By using hydrostatic bearings, the SignalForce water cooled shakers are able to handle large overturning moments without requiring external guidance in the head expander.

Data Physics


Signal Force

SignalForce amplifiers provide high levels of efficiency with superior levels of performance. These amplifiers are small and suitable for driving shakers across all manufacturers. They can be used in laboratory applications as well. Data Physics engineers can match their modern power amplifiers to any electrodynamic shaker. Linear amplifiers are available from 30 to 1000 VA and digital switching amplifiers are available from 1kVA to 470 kVA. Switching amplifiers are used for both medium and large shakers; they are commonly replaced on older shaker models.


Multi-bay digital switching amplifiers are a sizable investment and can provide a significant amount of power – generally more than 120 kVA. With these large systems, it is even more important to monitor the amplifier remotely and instantly. Data Physics’ E-Link remote control interface does this by allowing the user easy access via an Ethernet connection to the amplifier. This means you can optimize the amplifier setup for each test right from your control desk.

Data Physics

SignalStar Controllers & SignalStar Analyzer

Signal Analyzers


900 Series

The Data Physics 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzers integrates comprehensive signal analysis capabilities with a newly distributed real-time signal processing engine to provide extraordinary dynamic testing capabilities. Compact and rugged, the 900 Series hardware is designed for demanding field applications. With a modular gigabit Ethernet architecture, the 900 Series can be expanded to over 1,000 channels for laboratory use.

Abacus 906


SignalCalc Savant is a dynamic signal analyzer that maintains real-time analysis, accurate cross channel measurement and recording rate performances for 1,000 channel systems. The distributed architecture further allows you to place data acquisition close to the measuring transducers thereby eliminating the error due to mismatched transducer cables.

Abacus 906

SignalCalc Software

Whether using an Ace, Mobilyzer, or Savant, SignalCalc software has a common look and feel to the user interface. SignalCalc is legendary for providing a mix of powerful features combined with ease of use. The large range of measurement and analysis software solutions cater to every application in dynamic signal analysis. The modularity allows you to configure a system with only the software required for your application – optimum performance for minimum investment.

SignalCalc Software

Vibration Controllers

900 Series

Data Physics’ 900 Series Vibration Controllers integrates innovative vibration control algorithms with a newly distributed real-time signal processing engine to provide extraordinary vibration control performance. With a modular, gigabit Ethernet architecture, the 900 Series can be expanded to over 1,000 channels for laboratory use.

900 Series


Redefining the Boundaries of Vibration Control, SignalStar Matrix sets the standard for control performance in multi-shaker applications. Matrix provides both multi-shaker vibration control and high channel count single shaker vibration control on the DSP centric Abacus signal processing platform.

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